I am totally crazy about they

I am totally crazy about they

I am thus into the lovee with this particular crisis …

i have accomplished episode 5 and adore it more and more… attacking… make your best effort till the past event kim very yeon jung kyung ho..

we have be k drama fans as “secret garden” the very first time we noticed hyun container, omooooo… such as for instance him a great deal like falling in love with hyun container.. … and you can up until nowwww! i have the same feeling again using this type of direct actor… jung kyung hoo… whoaaaa most gorgeous and cool… they can serves such as crappy man and have on the other front therefore sweet and lovable…

Ep 1-5…like like like… that it drama makes me gonna sites only to know-all on the shedding for purity… It generates me personally impatiently check out so it drama and you will rewatch once more and you may once more

after i saw the newest trailer “FFI”… before the earliest episode broadcast, we sought after his most other drama and found his crisis heartless area and sure real… he’s very lovely… Most !

however, i didnt manage to become unlimited like that he second top honors (only spotted till ep nine) ha-ha from the statements he will not avoid up with HJE… and i dont for instance the male actor ryu thus young … we don’t for example your… sorry

We accept metoo.. jung kyung ho’s profile feels as though hyun bin’s profile in wonders garden…. he’s arrogant, comedy, childish, se day… it’s first time for my situation enjoying Jkh’s drama and you can like your right here… succes…carry out the most useful

Precious Min Ho-ssi…for people who fall for In the near future Jung for real, have a tendency to the brain getting ok with it. incontri per adulti ios.. “A little?” maybe he’s going to reply. ?? Better nope i don’t envision sooo. Enjoying how the guy scream in order to denied truth…otherwise my fav part is whenever SJ promote your an effective Monalisa Look, i don’t and this surprised him way more. The facts area or in the long run he rating Miss Smile’s laugh. However, regrettably regarding JH, i recently need to tap their as well as state “It is okay, only usually do not visit jail”. Assured he never kill individuals,and can understood for some reason just before everything you so you can later. Including his crush in order to SJ.

Loving which Drama What’s that tune that Ma Dong Wook sang having In the future Jung into the occurrence step 1? Along with the sounds you to definitely songs one to performs off Kang Minute Ho’s phone in event cuatro?

Very first time We see KSY JKH’s drama completely falling to own FFI. KSY is among the actresses having nice function JKH was thus precious dining lollipop. FFI attacking ??

This is certainly a very nice romantic drama. The lead star Jung Kyung Ho is a good looking, gifted guy. They are thus sheer and you may pleasant. He’s 100 moments much better than Hyun Container ( disappointed I really don’t see Hyun Bin because a handsome guy- his lastest drama Hyde, Jerkyll and i is actually terrible) Top honors actress is really glamorous and you can she serves well too. These two leads are particularly the best. Jung Kyung Ho must have been observed far more to own their talent. He is very! He’s above 5 most useful Korean actors if you ask me.

?????? as to the reasons soo of many handsome star for the Korea? ???????? Agree with vicky (79) ….?? btw vicky. That the top 5 finest korean stars you have?

Yeah. I would like to ask an identical concern also such as for instance just what amaal requested. But anyways i’m thankful and you will thankful in the long run this new sub provides come after a few months. Immediately following complete seeing ep 8. So it crisis was daebak very How come JKH was soooo an excellent searching. And all of his wardrobe was perfecty provides him. Ckckckckck ??????????

Which crisis is actually a good I’ve never ever see JKH drama But today I think they are chill and you can good-looking and incredibly an excellent star Like so it crisis really

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